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  • Fuel Fandango Sonorama


    Fuel Fandango is a duo formed by Nita, the singer and the producer Ale Acosta. 4 albums and concerts in more than 35 countries. They have an unique approach to music mixing different styles in a spectacular way.


    Alvaro Soler scored with his music. His songs rocketed the Spanish-German musician into the charts all over Europe and Latin America and onto stages across the world. More than 80 gold and platinum awards, two million albums sold, over 2.5 billion audio streams across all platforms, and over 1.5 billion video streams.


    Local production/artist handling.

    Kamasi Washington is a Los Angeles-based saxophonist, composer, and bandleader who was branded the future of the new jazz upon the arrival of his three-disc The Epic. While the term has been bandied about since the 1950s, what it refers to in his case is Washington's diversity, given his wide experience playing with artists of many disciplines. His sound draws few boundaries between modal and soul-jazz, funk, hip-hop, and electronic music.


    Marlena is the link between two young artists Ana Legazpi and Carolina Moyano and the revelation duo of 2021. Their sound is characterised by Ana's personal voice and composition and Carol's avant-garde productions. In April 2021 they released 'Me sabe mal', a song that quickly became a hit, going gold and accumulating millions of streams.


    Featuring Rozalén & Paula Mattheus at the famous spanish festival RIBERA SOUND.


    MI HERMANO Y YO are Marcos and Jaime Soto, born in Seville. Since their childhood, music has been the protagonist in their lives and the natural environment in their home as they have always been surrounded by guitars and artists.


    Paula Mattheus is a singer-songwriter with a fresh air, a lot of personality and a desire to explore all that music has to offer. Belonging to a new wave of young self-taught singer-songwriters, she has a personal and unique voice, broken but strong and with a beautiful vibrato.


    The story of Andrés Suárez is the ultimate example of how far the combination of perseverance and talent can take you. From the bars of Ferrol to filling Madrid's Wizink Center.


    Comandante Twin emerged in Tarifa in the summer of 2015 through a group of friends.
    Their first EP, "Arritmia", accumulated sold out shows in the city of Madrid (Costello, Moby Dick...).


    Bely Basarte is a Spanish singer and songwriter. She began her musical career by uploading her own covers and compositions to YouTube, gaining hundreds of thousands of followers. In September 2015 she released her first EP with 5 of her own songs on digital platforms (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes...) under the title Si quieres pierdes. At the end of the year, he released the single Diciembre y no estás.


    Local production/artist handling.

    Rosalía is a Spanish pop and flamenco singer. Involved in the margins of popular and traditional music since her teens, she also delves into other genres such as hip-hop, soul, and trap. #50intheworld

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