About us

Welcome to Damiya Jewels


Born between Spain and Morocco, DAMIYA JEWELS was created to bring that extra spark to our beautiful and unique clients. We want to help them believe in themselves and have confidence in everything they do. Our clients are beautiful, strong, independent, glamorous and fierce. We want to make them believe they are unstoppable and that they can reach every goal they set, with a little sparkle of course! 

We aim to satisfy our customers by offering the best quality products and a personalized customer service. We care about our clients, so we listen to their wants and needs; and work hard every day to satisfy them. As well as dedicate time into delivering a top-quality customer experience since the very beginning.


A mythical and charming name, behind which hides a great Moroccan warrior. Original and unconventional, the name Damiya also means a person with a mysterious temperament... with a certain charm. Her main asset is her strong power of seduction which often makes her irresistible, like our jewelry. By choosing this symbolic name, we wanted to assert our wish to play with words and to give them more and more power, magnifying the history of the designer and the history of the brand. Damiya's collections are indeed driven by the desire to present jewelry that is offered entirely to the skin in all authenticity. 


The designer, Rita, is a born entrepreneur. Growing up in Casablanca, Rita always had an obsession for jewelry. As she grew up through her journey, designing & imagining jewelry became her favorite hobby. She quickly fell in love with Fashion Jewelry and later founded DAMIYA JEWELS. 

She cares about what her clients are looking for, customizing jewelry for every occasion they’ll need.


"I am so happy that I’ve followed my dream and made it happen."
- Rita


If you want to make a special order, do not doubt in contacting us. We always do our best for our clients.